Build 217 - Bugs

Please use this section to report bugs.
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Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:18 pm

  • Game crashes to Desktop occasionally and in some cases resets the user's save profile. Submit your output_log.txt to @Darkfall on Discord using these instructions
  • Workers will go idle when they are done chopping a tree or collecting berries from a bush. The workers will all gather near the near the large collection of berry bushes, beside the big rocks in the main camp.
  • Pathfinding - workers get hung up in grass and close trees, sometimes they even walk through very large rocks
  • Certain timezones cannot enter challenges when they begin.
    Temporary Solution: You can move your system clock forward to enter the challenge, and then reset it back to the current time.
  • More workers are generated upon login. When quitting the game and logging back in, the game will sometimes create 2 new workers.
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