Patch Notes: Build 174

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Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:18 am

Build 174

  • Unit's fear level will now decrease so long as they are near a light source or are sheltered. They will still run for the nearest shelter upon reaching 100% fear
  • Added new tutorials
  • Added camera zooming via the '+' and '-' keys
  • Units will now sheathe their weapons when switching to the passive stance
  • Change the format of the tooltip displayed for unit training buttons.
  • The train button tooltips now display the costs of training units.
  • First improvement to the save function has been pushed. Workers should now remember their tasks when the game is loaded.
  • Add specified unit training times.

  • Fixed a bug where the main menu would partially remain on screen after closing it.
  • Fixed inventory items being stuck on screen while dragging
  • Fixed harvestable error on load, when the harvestable has been destroyed in the mean time
  • Display proper message and icon for each type of unit trained
  • Fixed the waypoint projector that caused double circles over buildings
  • Feedback panel closes on ESC and acts as a UI blocker so no other panels can overlap with it
  • Disabled upgrade of Governor's Manse as no functionality is implemented yet
  • Fixed the main menu overlapping with the bottom panel after being closed
  • Fixed an issue where constructing buildings next to one another would make their construction dusts glitch out
  • Fixed an issue where sun rotation was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where you could harvest invisible trees around the screaming stump area on the planet
  • Fixed an issue where light poles' construction hologram also encompassed their glow when placing them
  • Fix firefly jar orientation when units are catching fireflies
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