Patch Notes: Build 182

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Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:44 pm

Build 182

  • Added fishers near the crystal bases.
  • The default production state for buildings is now ON
  • The bottom left buttons now have tooltips
  • Fixed the Barracks and Stables not being able to be built and changed the order of buildings in the construction panel
  • F1 now cycles through all workers
  • Users are now part of a group and can receive group dependent content
  • The tentacles guarding the screaming stump should now re-appear around it
  • The reward pool now displays the current player position in the pool.
  • Units should now spread around a resource when moving to harvest from it
  • Units will now attempt to separate when overlapping
  • Implement reward pools levels
  • Fixed a bug where the stables would act as a light source
  • Fixed an issue where barracks and stables caused the fog to dissipate
  • Fixed an issue where the path-finding system used an old cache after the player hit the reset button, causing units to walk around non-existent obstacles
  • Fixed an issue where the Tyro units would not separate when overlapping
  • Fixed an issue where the tribal chief and the monsters from the instance would disappear after loading a save.
  • Note: This fix also makes all monsters respawn, including the ones you've already killed, however this is a one-time thing - subsequent saves will not make dead monsters respawn any more.
  • Fixed an issue where units would move to odd points on resources, in order to harvest.
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