Patch Notes: Build 176

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Build 176
Date: 07.08.2018

Features and Changes
  • Initial reward pool UI and functionality has been added
  • Implemented support for double-clicking on a unit to select all units of that type visible on the screen
  • Disabled keyboard input while the inventory panel is opened.
  • Made the text on the UI Quest Panel less transparent.
  • Added the building tutorial that starts after the harvesting tutorial ends
  • Updated the costs for lamp posts.
  • Units will now be deselected upon entering or exiting the instance. This should address some of the issues regarding units moving in odd ways from time to time
  • Email validation has been activated for new registrations

  • Fixed an encoding issue which prevented JP feedback to be properly stored
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a unit’s tools and weapons to be missing/not displayed correctly after loading a saved game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused units who were taking damage from ranged enemies to not enter combat
  • Fixed an issue that caused all projects projectiles to always miss
  • Fixed an issue with the collider on the broken stone arch, the collider was too big.
  • Fixed inventory items being stuck on the screen while being dragged
  • Fixed a bug where the quests panel would overlap with the bottom panel.
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