Patch Notes: Build 217, 100 Years of Latvia

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Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:21 pm

These patch notes cover all of the changes up to build 217.

Update Date: 17/11/2018
Hotfix for the save game issue applied: 19/11/2018

Added the 100 years of Latvia event that includes:
  • New music track
  • New background music
  • New monster - the Ursara
  • New Bounty Challenges
  • New AI for all monsters - they will now chase their target for 5s, and will retreat if not attacked, or if not attacking a target.
  • Add support for limited-usage buildings & building cards
Add new accessories & add conflicting accessory logic (example: this means that for you cannot have both the bear head and the bear ears on your units)
Update inventory once a card is awarded
Add orange and ghost Ernack skin card icons

Fixed an error thrown by the sprite rotator in the main menu
Fixed an issue whereby Ursaras could despawn in the middle of combat (due to the automatic refresh on spawns)
Fixed an issue whereby Ursaras could spawn in areas that they could not move or be reached from
Fixed an error thrown when loading the healer's healing behaviour
Fixed an error thrown by the healer when being loaded at the start of the game
Fixed an issue whereby the pumpkin head accessory was incorrectly rotated
Fixed an error thrown by the Healer when scanning for units to heal
Added mouth sockets to units
Fixed an issue where the unit health display in the bottom bar did not round the unit's current health to an integer value
Fixed an issue whereby units' fear level would still increase even if the fog was disabled
Fixed an issue were logging in after using the logout function would reset the player's progress
Fixed an issue where on slower internet connections, the game would issue a save request before loading the server save, causing progression loss

Database optimisation for faster data retrieval
Optimize unit skin loading code & cleaned up variables within SkinDefinition and Skin
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