Patch Notes: Build 170

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Build 170
Date: 01.08.2018

New Features
  • Players can disable/enable the UI by pressing Shift + U
  • Improved the F11 feedback service
  • Adjust building repair process to take place at 75% durability (was 25%)
  • Players can no longer switch to an instance from the instance panel if no units are present
  • If an instance has not been entered at least once, it will no longer appear in the instance panel
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in some players not having a Governor's building
  • Fixed a bug where buildings were unable to take damage
  • Fixed a bug where unit costs would not be applied or refunded
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the selection frame to sometimes go underground
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the ESC Menu now appears in instances as well
  • Fixed an issue with conflicting panels in the instance mode
  • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to set the stance of a unit that has a tool that can't be used as a weapon in its hand
  • Fixed the berry basket orientation when held in the Ernack's hand
  • Fixed an issue where pressing F1/F2 to select units in an instance would also try to select units on the planet, and vice versa, causing the camera to behave erratically
  • Fixed an issue where tentacles could stalk units all the way into an instance (or from an instance to the planet).
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